Jumping Off a Cliff

I’ve had a complicated relationship with food. That’s probably too generous – conflicted may actually be a more accurate description.

At 3 my greeting to my aunts would be a compliment of how skinny they looked. At the ripe old age of 8, I announced in my typically precocious manner, that I would no longer be wearing shirts that didn’t cover my butt, because I had fat thighs. I was 8. I went through a brief stint of not eating in my late teens. I say brief, but I think my friends and family would argue that it was not brief enough.

It was during this time of not eating that I discovered the Food Network. There was a certain sad irony of a girl who only ate brown rice, broccoli and triscuits (6 a day), voraciously consuming food-centered media. This was before the food network became the domain of the at-home cook or semi-homemade; where Mario Batali, pre-Food Network feud, focused on regionally inspired food from Italy, which he served to Isaac Mizrahi, pre-Target clothing line, and Sarah Moulton’s calming voice reigned supreme.

Food Network did not save me. Years of therapy did. But what it inspired in me was a love of cooking that I have carried with me through the galley (generous) kitchen in my 5th floor walk-up in hell’s kitchen, my fabulous kitchen with no counter space and no venting on Wall Street and now my current kitchen where I live with my new husband.

I’ve been moving up in the corporate world since I graduated college. I did not veer or rock boats. I figured out I was good at HR and recruitment and I’ve made it into my career, to some extent unintentionally. I’ve worked 60 hour work weeks and have constantly been available to my colleagues and candidates. As it turns out, life is too short. And so I decided to jump off a cliff.

I made my first culinary school payment today and I figured if I’m going to be self-indulgent, I may as well go all in, so I also wrote my first blog post. I am a very lucky person, with an amazingly supportive husband, family and friends, who have barely balked at this wild departure from my status quo. So here goes nothing.